Loqus develops avant-garde software solutions which it markets both locally and internationally, including as an established ISV partner with Peak-Ryzex. Its latest platform, openFleet, is an end-to-end transport & mobility platform providing a fully managed solution for route optimisation and scheduling, mobile workflow and telematics. The platform assists businesses to maximise resource utilisation, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. It's a highly flexible and customisable platform which can be adopted by small, medium and large businesses.

Key Vertical Markets

  • Retail
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Public Sector Solutions
  • Utilities Sector Solutions

Products Being Showcased

  • openFleet Platform including 3 solutions:
  • openFleet Routing (Route optimisation and Scheduling)
  • openFleet Mobile (Mobile Dispatch)
  • openFleet Tracking (Telematics)

Break Out Session: Introducing the Next Generation openFleet Platform: New Functionality & Enhanced Performance for Route Optimisation, Mobile Dispatch & Tracking

Michael Bugeja, International Business Development Manager


Helping customers achieve higher efficiency gains, increased productivity and improved customer service using the openFleet platform. Key focus areas: dynamic route optimisation and scheduling, real-time monitoring of mobile workforce, customer engagement using notifications and apps, dynamic booking slots for home deliveries.

Geographical reach: